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What Is A Free Spin?

Quite often you search on an online casino or online gambling, you find these sites offering free spins. This is a concept which was started nearly two years ago for the purpose of attracting customers due to the increased competition.

What is the very common approach with any new product in the market? They offer some freebies. Free spin is very similar to this. It is a special offer made by the casinos on slot machines. The reason behind this is to attract the customers and also to get the player acquainted to the particular slot machine and also the casino. There can be different offers given by different casinos. This is basically depends on the casino to casino. If you win in this free slot, it will be converted into a bonus which has to be unlocked using a wager. The wager normally falls between 20X and 30X. Usually the number of free spin given to a player might be around 50. Had you played the same spins with your money, you would have had to pay nearly 15 euros. Not only that, these are even capable of giving you millions.


For Online Casinos:

When it comes to online casinos, it is usually provided in the form of free play bonus. In this, a certain time will be given in which you can play for free. The earning that you make in this free time keeps with you once the time is completed. They are provided usually during the registration. Having this free slot is very important because if you are one of the lucky charms, you can win even millions. This is the main reason why you should never miss free online spins. One of the best sites which gives a very good offer upon registering to its site is