The 2 Best Tips for Playing FOBT Roulette Machines

There are many people out there who claim to be experts and so called professionals when it comes to gambling on roulette machines. People who claim they have inside knowledge, code secrets and even winning systems that never fail. It’s often these same characters who claim they have developed the ultimate betting strategies for using roulette machines as sources for income and profits. Ok, lets stop right there! If you’ve ever found yourself reading about, listening to or watching some who swears they know the absolute truth about fixed odds betting terminals, then its time to erase your memory.


So what are the best 2 tips for playing fobt roulette machines? The answer is common sense and discipline, and using both qualities together in the correct manner. When we talk about common sense in betting shop gambling we really mean identifying our current situation, are we winning or losing right now. Most players ask this question when it’s too late, when you should be asking early. An example is using the 50% barrier and how quickly you find yourself crossing this barrier. For instance if you walked into the bookies with £40.00 in your pocket, you should become conscious to that value when it dips close or even beneath the £20 barrier. If it takes a while to reach the barrier then your real money bets have been sensible, a rapid decline of 50% however should ring alarm bells of reckless betting. Common sense and learning to stabilise your spinning credits at 50% is a powerful tool for playing on fobt machines. Good players will often fluctuate and never fall below this line, if they do then its time to pack up and head home. Which is brings us on to other component, Discipline.


Around 8 in 10 betting shop roulette layers will walk away with nothing because they case everything, whereas winners are those who make anything above their starting bankroll. The closer you become to 50% of your starting bankroll then the more unlikely winning to profit becomes, falling below 50% will often make winning to profit highly unlikely if not impossible (because of the best required to return to profit would cost too much). The fact that most people don’t recognise this value is the reason why so many players lose on fobt roulette machines.


You can use discipline as a method for both fighting and surviving fobt machines like roulette simulators. The fighting aspect is for profitability and winning, an example would be to walk away with anything over 20% profits. The other is survival and leaving the betting shop as soon as you cross the 50% loss barrier (live to fight another day). Start using common sense and discipline in your game plan and just see what happens next and forget anything else you ever read.

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