10 Amazing Casino facts you probably never knew

In the United Kingdom, playing casino games is one of the favourite pastimes of several people. Whether players play bingo for free or any other casino games, betting and obtaining more money out of it is quite a thrill.


We’ve done some research and talked with casino experts behind-the-scenes and came up with few mind boggling facts about casino games. Let’s take a look at few of them:


  1. ‘Casino’ has been derived from an Italian word ‘Casa’ which means house. In the initial days, casinos weren’t as big as we know it today. They were played in relatively small houses at the coasts of Mediterranean


  1. In Las Vegas, there are so many slot games available, that every eight player can take a seat and play


  1. Ever wondered why roulette is often called ‘The Devil’s Wheel’? That’s because when all the numbers are added together, the outcome is ‘666’


  1. Australia has the highest number of gamblers than most other nationalities. A 2003 survey indicates, they are the most gambling friendly country


  1. Among all the daubers, purple colours are the most popular among bingo enthusiasts


  1. Did you know there are 44 million ways to ‘B-I-N-G-O’ on a 90-ball card?


  1. The first place where gambling was legalised was Nevada, way back in 1931


  1. French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte is considered one of the most famous players of Blackjack. During his exile, he spent most of his time playing Blackjack


  1. Research indicates, gamblers are found cheating less often at the gambling venues than at the private gaming sessions


  1. ‘Las Vegas’ in Spanish means ‘meadows’


How many of these mind numbing facts did you know?